Helping Hands
Healing Hands is an organization which provides food, supplies and other services to people in need. Their ministry is worldwide. Central Church of Christ actively supports Healing Hands International through their Magi Box program and their water filter program.

Annually our congregation puts together gift boxes in different age groups consisting of personal grooming items, small items of clothing, writing and drawing instruments, appropriate toys and a bible written in the language of the country where the boxes will ultimately be shipped. Magi Boxes are delivered just before Christmas and go to several areas; Central America, India, Mexico or even the southern part of Texas depending upon the urgency of the need.

The other area we support is the purchase and installation of water filters for those countries not blessed with good drinking water water or are devasted by a natural disaster. Each week our young people bring a special contribution that goes specifically to Healing Hands to purchase water filters. In the past 2 years they have purchased nearly 25 water filters through Healing Hands.

We encourage you to follow the link and learn more about Healing Hands International and support in any way you can this very good work.